Nothing brings people together like good food

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays, I have the honor to cook lunch for a great bunch of people at BUX HQ ( based in the center of Amsterdam. It’s a true joy!

As BUX is a start up company growing faster then fast, the group of people joining lunch at those 3 days went from bigger to big in a no-time too! As I started of with quite complicated dishes -yes, to impress!-, I now had to change my plan to the more simplified dishes. More basic for sure, but I had to keep that yummy factor going. Colleagues and friends have been asking for the recipes of the food I have been making, so here we go, a whole new website is born. Simple, delicious recipes with not too many ingredients -neither a huge shopping list-. And above all, everybody can do this.

Most of my inspiration I get from well known chefs all around the world, but also from people like you and me with a passion for food. As long as the food is made with soul and joy, it will taste nice. So… have FUN cooking & ENJOY eating!








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