Now, making dessert in the BUX office is a big thing. Thursday dessert day is the favorite day of many BUXsters, so no pressure for me cooking that day 😉 This week I decided to make this great recipe. I went completely over the top by adding more and more ingredients to the dish. I layered it like a true chocolate lasagne. Puffed rice (ours where white rice), followed by peanuts, followed by chocolate…and again. Make it your own, speaking in X-factor language, and most of all -enjoy-

INGREDIENTS (serves 20)

20 soft fresh dates (400g), pitted
⅓ cup (95g) natural smooth peanut butter
2 teaspoons vanilla extract (always yum)
1 cup (15g) puffed brown rice (crisp and puffy)
½ cup (70g) roasted unsalted peanuts, chopped
80g raw cacao chocolate or dark chocolate, melted


Line a 10cm x 20cm loaf tin with non-stick baking paper, leaving 4cm of paper overhanging on the long sides (this will help you later!).
Place the dates, peanut butter and vanilla in a food processor and process for 2–4 minutes or until the mixture turns into a paste. You might need to scrape down the sides of the processor with a spatula between pulses, just to make sure everything combines.
Transfer the date mixture to a big bowl. Add the puffed rice and peanuts. Mix well with a spatula to combine.
Press the mixture into the prepared tin, using the back of a spoon to help you smooth it (rub the spoon with a little oil if it’s a bit sticky). Pour the melted chocolate over the slice and spread it with the back of the spoon to coat. Place in the fridge for 20–30 minutes or until set.
Use the paper to help you lift the slice from the tin. Carefully heat a sharp knife under hot water, dry it, then cut the slice into squares (the hot knife cuts the fudgy slice more easily). Place them in the fridge until ready to eat. Makes 20


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  1. chefkreso says:

    Chocoalte and peanuts are my second favourite combination after chocolate and hazelnuts..


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