La Oliva

Yes, I might be a little bit biased, but this is the place to go in Amsterdam to eat good Spanish food, to my opinion! In my student days, I used to live with my dear friend Jeanine. She is the one who thought me how to cook a decent meal for myself. Her sister and her Spanish husband opened up this cute place in the Jordaan area, just a walking distance from Amsterdam Central Station. This family is all about good food with a good glass of wine. They love talking about it too.They breath it! It’s in their genes and you can taste that in their food, made with a lot of love and passion.

The display of Pintxos you see as soon as you walk through the door of this cute and cosy restaurant is a true work of art. The only problem I always have when we go there, is what to choose! It all looks so nice and there is no way I can try them all out at ones! So my advice is: Share.

Check their website out for more information or to book a table straightaway.



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