Raw snickers bar


Many people think snickers bars can be unhealthy. But when you eat these gorgeous homemade treats full of energy, that thought will drift away quickly. We did not only add dates to this recipe but many more dried fruits, like apricots, raisins and cranberries. For the puffed brown rice we used rice krispies. RAW is a good word for this bar, as there is no cooking or baking involved. Try is yourself. It’s gorgeous. Great idea for school lunchboxes. ;-0



400g fresh dates, pitted
⅓ cup (95g) natural smooth peanut butter
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 cup (15g) puffed brown rice
½ cup (70g) unsalted roasted peanuts, roughly chopped
80g raw organic 70% dark chocolate, melted


Place the dates, peanut butter and vanilla in a food processor and process for 2–4 minutes or until the mixture comes together to form a paste. Place the date mixture, puffed rice and peanut in a large bowl and mix to combine.
Press the mixture into a lightly greased 10cm x 20cm loaf tin lined with non-stick baking paper. Pour over the melted chocolate and, using a palette knife, spread evenly. Refrigerate for 20–30 minutes or until set.
Remove from the pan, slice into logs using a hot knife and keep refrigerated until ready to serve.


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