New potato salad with soured cream, chives and pancetta

Great side dish! You can prepare this salad beforehand and keep it in the fridge until use. But some people do like it when the potatoes are still a little bit warm inside. The choice is yours… -enjoy-

Ingredients (serves 4)

1 kg new potatoes , scrubbed
100 g higher-welfare smoked pancetta or bacon
1 handful stale breadcrumbs
125 ml soured cream
125 ml fat-free natural yoghurt
1 bunch fresh chives , snipped


Boil the potatoes gently in salted water until tender, then drain well. Leave them to cool slightly.
Fry the pancetta or bacon until crisp, break up, then set aside. Fry the breadcrumbs in the pancetta or bacon fat until crisp.
Slice the potatoes in half and dress with the soured cream, yoghurt, sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. Fold in the pancetta and most of the breadcrumbs and scatter the top with the chives and remaining breadcrumbs before serving.


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