Pork & apple sausage rolls

One of the BUX office favorites. I did make these sausage rolls in 3 versions. One according to the recipe below, one with beef instead of pork, and one vegetarian version of which I totally left the meat out. All rolls were received with a big “can I have a second one”?  -Enjoy- this dish with the New potato salad with soured cream, chives and pancetta and a mixed salad with olive oil dressing.

Ingredients (serves 6)

1 leek
1 Royal Gala apple
4 sprigs of fresh thyme
500 g minced pork
½ teaspoon mustard seeds
500 g puff pastry
1 large free-range egg


Preheat the oven to 200ºC/gas 6.
Wash, trim and dice the leek, core and dice the apple, then pick the thyme leaves.
Combine the pork, leek, apple, thyme leaves and mustard seeds in a bowl. Season and set aside.
Roll out the pastry to 1cm thick and 30 x 34cm. Halve length ways and place a strip of mince down the centre of each.
Brush the edges with beaten egg, roll up and seal. Brush with more egg, then cut each strip into 3 rolls.
Score the tops and bake for 20 minutes, or until golden and cooked through.


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