My first BUXday!


Last Wednesday I had my first year at BUX. It was MY BUXDAY! I did ask all my colleagues to tell me what their favorite dishes were that I made for lunch over the past year. The response was great and I had to pick out the most favorite, which wasn’t easy. This is how the menu looked like that day (and we finished it all off with a chocolate fondue).

  1. English onion soup with sage and Cheddar
  2. Quinoa and haloumi spring salad
  3. Teriyaki burger and sweet potatoes

I can’t believe it has been a year already. Most of the BUX lunches you can find back in this blog. Some still have to be published. My inspiration comes mainly from Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson, Ottolenghi & Donna Hay. I twist their recipes from time to time, as cooking for so many people needs time and less complicity. Though, all of these marvelous cooking ideas are favorites of mine, I never cook something I don’t like myself ;-). I do believe you can taste that in the food you cook, you have to be 100% committed to the dish to taste fantastic. It was and still is an absolute pleasure to work in the kitchen at BUX headquarters. The team is getting bigger and bigger with the month. We started with 17 lunchers, June last year. At this moment we welcome 36 people in the canteen, three times a week. It’s a joy and it’s great to see this international team jelling together over lunch, talking food and business. I say: Mission completed! 😉


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